We are a company founded in 2014 with 100% Mexican capital, located in Santa Teresa, province of Pilcaya, in the state of Guerrero. We are certified by the Mezcal Regulatory Council (CRM) as the largest mezcal distillery in Mexico with a production capacity of up to 385,000 liters per year. We have a total of 1,100 acres of our own land where we plant, care for and harvest our four different types of agave, such as Cupreata, Criollo, Weber and Espadín.

We have an unparalleled infrastructure that allows our visitors to learn about the entire process of making our mezcal. In the same way, we are proud to produce the most awarded artisanal mezcal in international competitions such as the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and Spirits Selections By Concours Mondial De Brussels.


Our certifications

Our commitment to quality has allowed us to obtain international certifications. We are the only distillery with the largest tourist infrastructure and the most awarded Mezcal in international competitions.

CRM Certification

Our CRM certification (Mezcal Regulatory Council) NOM G272R, certifies us as nurseries, manufacturers, packers, bottlers and distributors (integrated value chain).

Agave Criollo
(Blood Agave)

We are the only producers in the world of this variety, which gives us worldwide projection. This uniqueness is recognized by the CRM (Mezcal Regulatory Council).

Premium Quality

Vegan Certification

Social responsability

As a company that has a deep connection to the land where we plant our agaves, we have a social responsibility for the well-being of the community that surrounds our distillery. This translates into helping to combat poverty in the community and following the ideas of social responsibility that we received from the public sector, such as a project to deliver plants and develop 200 acres of agave, benefiting 160 families in the state of Guerrero. Once the agave is ripe, NAYAÁ is willing to buy this agave from them, providing them with new sources of income for a better and brighter future.

Environmental responsibility

  • Being a company with a strong commitment to caring for the environment, Casa Resiú Nayaá allowed beekeepers in the area to put their bee colonies inside the distillery to contribute to the preservation of the species.
  • Committed to the environment, we do not cut down or burn trees to produce our Mezcal, we also return the milling bagasse to the earth, drying the resulting vinasse without harming the environment.
  • All of our packaging is made from recycled material.

Support to the community

  • Convinced of our responsibility, we promoted and obtained an agreement with the Federal Government to develop a project to plant more than 80 hectares of agave weber for more than 160 families from Guerrero, which had a direct impact on one of the most marginalized areas of the country. becoming true integrators of the human rights of the locality by providing opportunities that increase the standard of living of farmers, improving conditions in the region of Pilcaya, Guerrero.
  • We donated a complete surveillance module with institutional security for the state of Guerrero, making an agreement with the municipal and state authorities, so that there would be a surveillance and patrol point for the community of Santa Teresa in the municipality of Pilcaya; said module is perfectly conditioned with type C2 safety equipment; elements provided in a surveillance role by the municipality of Pilcaya, we also donated a fully functional and equipped patrol capable of providing surveillance in the areas surrounding the community.
  • Concerned about the health and well-being of the people of our community and taking into account their needs, we noticed that the people of the community traveled great distances to receive basic health services, for this reason we donated a fully equipped community health center, with a room recovery room, clinic, medical team, delivery room and healing team.
  • In addition to this, we contribute to the creation of jobs in the Pilcaya community starting from our distillery, triggering the creation of more jobs with the inauguration of a tourist center, hotel and gas station.

Come to Casa NAYAÁ and live the mezcal experience from start to finish


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(+52 1) 55 52500875 y 55 55316701


Calle Emiliano Zapata S/N Santa Teresa, Morelos, 62610, Mexico (1 hour and 30 minutes from CDMX)

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